Sunday, March 1, 2009

Quilt Star Tutorial

Now you will cut your pattern apart in three places to get your pieces to use. The first is the corner square, you will need 4 of these for your finished star. Of course, this is just a square, so if it is a perfect measurement like an inch, you don't really need to cut it out.

Next would be the long triangle, you will need 4 of these as well.
Last is the trapezoid, you need 8 of these, in whatever color/paper pattern you want. Be aware that this may not fit together perfectly depending on how you cut and trace your trapezoids. Just do the center of the star first, then glue the square and triangle on top in the right spot to give a perfect edge along the outside.
Phew! Hope this all makes sense! Don't hesitate to ask questions!!

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Dalek said...

Thank You cook22 on SCS dropped me a link! You make it seem so easy, I think I can handle it and I am Math challenged!
I Tried doing it with strips and rulers and set-squares but no joy, thought I might need a quilting ruler. LOL