Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A RAK from Sandy!

About 30 years ago, ok, maybe a tad bit longer, the DH asked me why the mail was so important... don't you know what's coming? Gosh, to this day there is something exciting about getting the mail, and some disappointment when there is just sale flyers. For me, even catalogs hold promise! I told you a while ago how disappointed I was thinking I was getting a Birthday card in the mail that turned out to be a baby shower invitation, lol!

Well bless my soul, look what came to me last week! A sweet RAK from Sandy in Epping! She used Papertrey's (a girl after my own heart!) Guidelines to stamp a bg and a cute little note card, and then even stamped it on Shrinky plastic and made a Guidelines embellishment! She scored between the Guidelines squares, a technique I will surely imitate soon!

Ahhh, I love mail!

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Alex said...

I know, seriously! We make all these cards and I practically never send them! How much fun... way to go Sandy!