Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy New Baby

Here's more duckies, lol. I must have spring on the brain now! Indeed, it snowed again Tuesday, almost another foot. Then Wednesday it all melted and the mud was a foot thick and I pretty much sunk up to my ankles trying to get to the car and there were ducks waddling around the car, front and back, as I tried to drive out of the puddle in the driveway... ok, maybe not, but that's the way it felt. Sheesh. It's a mess out there!

Papertrey Aqua Mist and Lemon Tart. Unknown and difficult to work with printed paper- but this is the last of it, thank goodness! Sentiment box from SU's For a Friend. Ribbon is Aqua Mist Saddle Stitch (I keep calling it Double Stitched, but the correct name is Saddle Stitched!). Unknown Little flower brads- the stamp has flowers between the letters, so you could just color them in yourself.

I may try this as an Easter card as well, can't you just see little duckies with eggs??

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