Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bear, with buttons

In my never ending spring cleanup this year, I came across these cards, I think they came with a flower fairies set many years ago. They are still unfaded-it's amazing how much paper I sent to the kids because it was faded! A little bear with some butterflies...

... and there you are!

Papertrey buttons, a MS butterfly punch from Lemon Tart and edged with Plum Pudding. Melon Berry matched the flowers on the card...

Ok, I confess, I am getting a wee bit bored with my baby stamps. I really, really need someone to come out with a big new set- no pacifiers, no bottles, and maybe even no diaper pins- what young girl knows what a diaper pin was for?!? And hey, not many babies go in those big giant baby carriages anymore- how about umbrella strollers? Balls and blocks are always good, and while I like little stuffed animals, you know they are not to be placed in baby cribs, right? Rattles don't look anything like the rattles they put on stamps (I'll show you the Outlines rattle tomorrow), so where are the big rounded edge keys that most new babies get today? And can someone please let me know what makes elephants and giraffes 'baby' images? SU did some good ones a few years back, but the new ones just don't feel like 'baby' images.

Sorry for the rant- just had to say it in case there is anyone out there really reading.

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Karen B said...

Love the card, and I really love the way you edged the butterfly! What a great idea!