Monday, April 27, 2009


I came across this great book in Michael's, Hello, Cupcake! If you love cupcakes, you already know about this book. If you love to surprise your friends with your humble talents, you need this book!

I covered a box with white freezer paper and colored coconut green with food coloring. Made the cupcakes, iced them, put the necks and heads together, and dipped the tails in chocolate before going to work on Saturday night. That part took a couple of hours. When I got home Sunday morning, I attached the necks to the cupcakes, and inserted the tails, then piped icing on for manes and spots. Packed everything up for the one hour drive... and we were off!

We had a few decapitations and smooshes in the car on the way over- I think the heat of the sun melted some chocolate connections... but they were great snacks on the ride over!

Assembled the scene on the table when we got there. yeah! It was fun!


Claire Brennan said...

OH Beth!!! What fun!!! fantastic - pat on the back for that woman!!

Alex said...

they were adorable. and yummy too! The brown jelly bean "poo" was the best part!

Verda said...

Oh my gosh these are soooooo cute. Yummy!

BethieJ said...

Oh Beth these are DARLING! What fun! We LOVE to make cupcakes too!!
So fun!! Great job!

peggysue said...

Ha ha! I want a horse cupcake . . . I have seen that book but not been brave enough to try any of the decorations, I think we'd consume the icing before we were done . . . beware though a la the godfather, you don't want to find a smooshed horse's head in the bed. :)

IamDerby said...

Beth these are freaking adorable!